Top Hacked Password In The World

Is your password “111111” then it’s time to change .Nowadays hacker got the weakest password ever. These are marked as top hacked password.you must not use these “top hacked password” as your password

We always try to keep our password safe. But there are many password which are marked as top hacked password.

Password is the key of your account or your profile. So you will never give your password to anyone. But we actually did it by creating a short easy and simple password.

When a hacker want to login your social account or email account or in a bank account then he always start from easy password. Easy Password like 1234567 etc. Most of us already use this password anytime and also many are still using this type of password.

When a user uses this type of password then he or she is in the risk. His or Her account can be hacked at any time. I have researched so many passwords and select that password as weakest password ever.

  • 12345..
  • Qwerty..
  • Asdfg..
  • Abcdef..
  • Your User name as password
  • Birth date as password
  • Phone number as password
  • Local address as password
  • 111111
  • Password
  • Ashley
  • Micheal
  • Daniel
  • Andrew
  • Joshua
  • Justin
  • Jessica
  • Jenifar
  • Anthony
  • Charlic

These password are marked as top hacked password. You must not use these top hacked password as your password.

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