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Now we all are using a smartphone. We all know the function or the process of it. We are using different types of applications or run many programs by using application. But we have limitations too. There any many programs which can’t be run on a device cause, the device administrator has not given permission to access the program by that device.  But rooting gives us the environment to run the program.

What is Rooting or Jailbreaking

Rooting or Jail-breaking is a process that turns a user into a superuser. For example Like an organization, if you are an employee of an institute then you can do little thing or you have a limitation to do many more things .but if you were an M.D of that institute you will have all access to do several works. Like that, if you are a user of a device then you have more limitation but when you have all access to your device then you can do as you+ wish. You can change the all icon color and icon of a device. You can also overclock or underclock your CPU and can install custom ROM that gives a great advantage to the superuser. The most advantage of a rooted device is it can use the third-party application but it is blocked in the non-rooted device. It is like to be independent of the dependent.

The root is a process which is called for an ANDROID device but for IOS it is called Jail-breaking. If you want to be free from their many restrictions then you must have to root your device. For this process, you may need a different application like “KingRoot” for rooting and an app for checking if your device is rooted. You can also root your device via a computer.

How to Root

  • So open a browser you have and search for “King Root” download the apk file of king root.
  • If your device blocks the unknown resources then turn it off and click for installation.
  • If the installation process is complete tap the icon to run the app. A window will open and at the bottom “one-click root “named button will appear and click on it.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the result screen will appear. Is it fail or succeed.
  • Wait for the confirmation if it is succeeded congrats your device is rooted.
  • If it is failed try for several times and can’t be rooted try to download the Pc version of the KingRoot Software.

Is really Rooted

Now you may have confusion if is your device is really rooted so download an application from play store which can check the device if it is rooted. So first open Play Store and search for “Root checker’ and in the result find this icon and click to go deep. Then click to install it will automatically download and install the software to your device. Now open Root checker and agree with their root checking program policies. Now you will see the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that and then tap “Verify Root”. Then It may take a few seconds and the message will appear if the device is rooted before it will give the successful message otherwise it will appear a negative message.

If you succeed to root your device, thought that you are the Administrator of your device. You can now access all the programs of your device.

How To Jailbreak Your iPhone

Now I’ll say about jail-Breaking. Jail-Breaking stands for an IOS operated device like I-phone, I-pad. You may need several applications for this process.

  • At first download, The Tool named Yalu Jail-Break IPA for windows, Linux or macOS.
  • Unzip that CYDIA IMPACTOR and run it on your computer.
  • Now you need to connect the ios device with the computer by data cable or USB cable.
  • If the device is connected then drag to yalu102_alpha.ipa and click the start button and also click ok when apple developer warning appears.
  • The next step is to sign in with your apple id and apple id email then apple id password. 
  • Then Cydia Impactor will automatically prepare for everything based on your input.
  • Then the Yalu app will install on your ios device.
  • Now on your IOS phone open the settings menu and head to General > Profiles and Device Management.
  • Tap the profile and named as the Apple Id you give before in the Cydia Impactor app.
  • Open your newly Installed Yalu app “yalu102” on your IOS device and press go for initiate the jail-breaking.
  •   If your device is restarted that means you are successful. Now use your Apple device as your wish and download the app from different sources.

But there are too many disadvantages of rooting or jail-breaking if you are not a pro. You may download the different application from different sources which can harm you’re your device or it can steal some information which was not provided by the administrator. So be careful before rooting your device.


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