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How to remove web page or URL from Google index

All Webmasters submit their web pages to Google to index the web page. And we got the webpage from the Google search results when we search for anything. But sometimes there are many webpages took place on Google that has broken or expired. Then webmaster has to delete the url from Google index.

So the webmasters need to remove that url from Google index.

Is that really true?Yes , it is true that we can remove url from Google. But we may not know the way. Today I’ll tell how to remove a url from Google index.

Url Remove from Google.

Think you have a page that’s URL is example.com/page and this page has expired. So you need to delete the page or URL from Google index.

So let’s do how to delete a page from Google index

  • First search in Google for “URL removal tool” and click on the results like the image.
  • Give the url of your page but not the full url. That means just give the address after the Url.
  • As an example your sites URL is example.com/page . So you don’t need to give the full Url just paste page.
  • Now tap “Request Removal”.
  • A modal will open like the below image.
  • A notification will come for remove. Then again press ” Request Removal” .
  • You have successfully send the request to Google for remove the webpage from Google.
  • Then you will see the status as pending.
  • It may take a day to remove.
  • When it is removed you will see the status as “Removed”

Congratulation. You have successfully learned how to remove a webpage from Google Index.

After a few days or in the same days the url will be deleted or removed from Google index.



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