How to make money from a website

Make Money from a website “it may look easy to anyone. But it is not too easy as I told. There are many strategy and technique to earn from a website but there is no way to earn money by cheating or scamming.

If you are an owner of a website then you have many paths open to make money from different sources. Or if you are not an owner then read “How to Create a website (A-Z)”. You can show ads on your website or start affiliate marketing or sell own product or digital product. You can also start your business on the website. You can also create your site for free and monetize that by blogger.get ready for making money from a website

Make money By showing Ads

If you are a blogger then you can show advertiser ads on your website. When a user clicks on any ads then they give money for that clicking. Many platforms are open for showing ads on your website but the best one is Google AdSense. One can earn more from any other company. And all types of website want to get approved from Google AdSense for earning more. When you have a website, organic visitor and some article on your websites then you can apply for AdSense. Once it gets approval it will start to show ads on your website. And then for every click, you will earn more money. And you can withdraw money when you have 100$.

Affiliate Marketing in website to earn money

Another way to earn money from a website is Affiliate Marketing. It is a referral program. In your website, you will send a visitor to another website using a referring link. Like if you have placed a link of another website’s affiliate link and any visitor when clicking on that link he or will be redirected to that website. And you will get money for every visitor and earn extra money for registering, buying or selling depending on their policy. Many website hosting company, e-commerce website gives you the chance to start affiliate marketing like Amazon. Just sign up for affiliate marketing and put the link on your website.

Sell Digital Products on your website

If you want to start your own business then you can sell your own digital products on your website. And you can earn money when anyone buying it.

If you have a social website then you can start paid membership for unlimited eligibility.

Hosting Business

You can also start a website hosting business. Just sell domain and hosting to the user and get money. You can do it by a paid CMS name WHMCS.

Accept Donation

Accept donation from the user. If you don’t have many visitors in your site but have a strong community in your site then ask them for donation.

Sell own website

You can also make money by selling your own website. The main strategy of that is CREATE > SELL > REINVEST. You may spend 100$ for creating a site but you can earn 100000$ by selling that site.you can sell your website here

Sell own E-books

You can also sell the e-books of your content. It makes a way to earn more



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