How to find your Android phone if it is stolen or lost

Most of the people use Android phone and at anytime we may lose our Android phone or someone can steal it. We keep many sensitive data in our mobile.so it is more important to get our mobile phone back. So that’s why I’ll try to describe how to get back your phone if it is stolen or if you lose it.

I’ll try to describe it step by step

Install Google Find My Device

  • First open” Google play store”and search for “Google find my device”.
  • And download it and wait until it completely installed.

Sign in on app

  • Open “Find Device” application.
  • And sign in using Gmail address which Gmail was on that stolen or lost Android phone.

Understand Find Device

  • Now you will see a Map and devices on the top.
  • This is the list of all devices which are connected with your Gmail.
  • Now click on the lost phone.
  • Google will automatically get the location of that device.If location of that device is turned on.
  • If Google can locate your device.then go to these areas.
  • Then tap play sound.
  • It will start to ring on that stolen Android phone.
  • Now you will got your phone.

Secure device

  • Or if Google cannot locate your device. that means that devices location is turned off .
  • you can secure your device or lock your phone.
  • That anyone cannot get your sensitive data or information.
  • Now click secure device. And fill the form with phone number and message and click device.
  • When anyone got your phone then he will see the message and phone number.

Erase device

  • Or if you think your phone has been stolen and cannot locate that device .
  • Then you can erase your data or your mobile phone so that none can not get your sensitive information like passport number visa number etc.
  • So erase devices .then an application will arrive and again click erase device.
  • It will delete the whole data from mobile phone. And you cannot get back your phone ever.

If you find your Android phone by our ways then don’t forget to share this.



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