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Google vs Bing search engine; which one you will choose

HI .i am minar. today I will share some thing about search engine vs another search engine. Like goohle vs bing search engine.we regularly use and dependent on different types of search engine .

What is search engine

At first you have to know that what is search engine. A search engine is a type of Website or application which gather different type of information from the world wide web by user searched keywords.

We are definitely familiar with google, yahoo and bing.

Today I’ll described the difference between GOOGLE vs BING and which is the best.

Alexa rank:

Google Search engine has taken the first position in the alexa rank.Most Of the visitor of Google came from United States On the Contary Bing Search engine Bing stacked in 41 position in the alexa rank .And Most of the Visitor came From china then United states appear.heres Google vs Bing the winner is google

Market Share:

In the market share in world wide web google has a huge market share in all search engine. google has taken 92.86% of market share according to march,2019. On the other hand bing got a poor percentage in market share while comparing with google .bing has got only 2.41% of market share in march,2019


Google is avaiulable in 149 language including bangla, English, chinese etc.and most important part of google search engine google voice3 search is also available in 60+ language. But Bing is available only in only 40 language where google accept 149 language.


In The sight of design it looks that both are similar bing is more creative in their design. . While google make their google homepage simple In google Home page one easily see that It has one input bar and voice search option on it. and also “I am feeling lucky” option.it is too easy to use and search something. Bing Has also a input bar and search option. but there’s a different appear on the background of homepage. There’s a Image on the background of Bing Homepage. That Image regularly changed. It give a great view to user about unknown on earth.

Interactive Feature:

Google has some search shortcuts like if you want the result of a site such Youtube.com .

then you can filter result By adding ” site:url search terms”.like “site:youtube.com about cricket” and click search .the result will show all from youtube and about cricket.

Like this There many more shortcut for definition, site, celebrity, related result , cached site etc.

they are:

Site: By adding this query before the site address one can get all the result of exact website

Define: can see the definition of some thing

Stocks: See the stock price of a company or brand

Related: by adding this keyword can find all related search query @ : search for a specific person or brand.

Bing has also much more feature Like Image search, video search, images and video filter, video thumbnail, Instant calculator, words definition , dictionary, weather news and much more which all attract more visitor.

Result of Google vs Bing:

I am on the internet section is about Five Or more Years. From then I Am still using Google. and it attracts me more for the search result and user experienced on google. Google has much more feature rather than bing.another thing is that in all android phone and chrome browser has built in go0ogle search bar.so people use it first and they may feel comfort and ease on that.and that’s why google got 3.5 billion searches everyday. That’s why I’ll vote for google.

So the winner in Google vs bing is Google.



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