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Best writing tips of blog for SEO

Today i have came with new tips for blogger. The first conditions for blogging is SEO. So i am sharing some tips of mine while writing a blog post.

Think About Your Content Ideas

At first you need to think about your content idea like which type of content you are going to write. Or the topic of your content. Inter work ok according to your content topic or either you cannot able to go to the next step. So think about your topic which you are writing. Then go for the next step

Gather information about your content

Now you need to collect all types of information that you want to add to your blog. You can get those topic information in Wikipedia on some reference site. Make sure that you are not copying all the content of them. Thank you for writing a content about Android pie version so at first you need to know what is Android versions and why it is being used. Then collect more information about pie version as an example when it was first created and what is the main update of this versions.

Note down all information

You need to note down all the information collected from different source because you cannot remember all the things. So if you not it as a list or as you can, I will help you much to write the content. So note down all the information or the main point that will help you.


Now go for writing your main content. The content length is the main subject of blogging and for SEO. As a newbie you can’t write More big content as like three or four thousand words content. If your content is more big that is highly respectable to Google for SEO. So I will suggest you to write at least 500 words content that it may help you in SEO factor

Arrange your content

You need to arrange your content for SEO. If you don’t do this your page can’t rank higher in Google. I follow some steps that usually help you to rank your content on Google serps. First of all the heading tag then list item and the focused keyword

Heading tag

I will advise you to divide full content in some para according to their work or the description. And named all ..you need to use h2,h3 tag to arrange the heading. This will help that reader to read and it will have a good impact on your SEO.

List your tutorial

You can list your tutorial means you can add your tutorial as a list that help your user to understand your word and this will help you on doing SEO.

Now create the title of your content

This is the most important part of your content. People content title is attractive then you will get more visitors from Google or other search engine. Or if you have a content with large information but the title is too poor then it’s of no use. So arrange content your content then ready your contents title which should be more attractive.

Featured image or blog image

You need to create an image for your content that will describe contents in an image. There’s a proverb that one image can define 1000 words. You don’t need to be an expert to create an image. There are many free tools by which you can create image or there are many sites that will give you copyright free image. You can get free image on Pixabay.com and Create free image on Canva application

I think this will be a great help to newbies. And I think if any one follow these steps you can easily rank higher on Google ..



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