SEO is a common word for a blogger or developer. SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.SEO is a technique by which a site can be search engine friendly. It makes a site discoverable easily into the search engine and ranks on the search engines. Making a site SEO friendly is the most important part of getting a visitor via a search engine. Cause a website get 90% of their visitor via a search engine. As a beginner, you must do SEO for website little and day by day you can improve it.

Why you’re Website Need SEO?

I have told before that 90% of the visitor of a website came from search engines like GOOGLE, BING, and YAHOO, etc. And other 110% come from direct or social media posting. So you need to work more for that 90, not for 10. And rank a site on Google is not possible without SEO. SEO is a must for a website to rank more and higher on Search Engine

There are two way for Search Engine Optimization

  1. On-Page SEO: On-Page, SEO is a technique that performs on the webpage. This type of SEO is most effective for search engines. This SEO work with different HTML tags and search engines crawl that tag and attribute for indexing a site. Which site has more info in that all tags that sites rank higher on that search engine?
  2. Off-Page SEO: This type of SEO performs outside of that website. It helps a site to rank higher and get the trust of a search engine. There are many techniques to perform this action. Like Backlink, Guest posting, commenting blog URL, etc.


  • First, remember that “Content is King”. Content helps you to do SEO in the best way. For making an SEO friendly site first makes sure that your content is unique and different from another site. And make your content for people. This content makes your site trustworthy to the user and they again try to read the content from your site. And all search engines rank that site which has great content.
  • And research keyword before publishing a post. Google identifies search queries and shows results according to your website’s keyword. And try to find the long-tail keywords. The effective and free keyword research tool is Google keyword planner. You must use it before publishing a blog.
  • There are many HTML tag and attribute which help a website for SERP. When anyone searches on Google then the result appears. You will find that every result has its own title description and URL. You generally click to that result in which title and description are more relevant. So you need to make a great title for your content that attracts your visitor more. And try to highlight full post in the description. Your description maybe 150 words.
  • Make sure your URL to be SEO friendly cause SEO friendly URL rank higher on the Search result. As example, your content title is “How to create a website”. Then if the URL is website.com/?post=454 it won’t be familiar with search engine and user. A user may think this URL is not real but if the link likes website.com/How-to-create-a-website.html then you will gain more trust of the user and can rank on Google search.

Important HTML Tags & Attribute:

  • Title Tag:
<title>Your Title</title>

Here your title should be a few words which identify your website.

  • Keywords Tag
<meta name=” keywords” content=” Your Keywords Separated By Comma”>

It is a very important part of placing a keyword. The first research in Google Keyword Planner and place your keyword and note that keywords will earn visitors in search engines.

  • Description Tag
name=”description” content=”Your description”>

Give a short but effective description in that field that can attract more visitors.

  • Alt attribute in all images

<img src=”” alt=”Image name”>

The alt attribute helps you to SEO your Images

  • Canonical

<link rel=” canonical”  href=” Your URL”>

This will verify Your unique content that your content is on your website

  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6

<h1>Your Worde</h1>

This word can be found by Google and it helps more in SEO.

  • Open Graph Protocol

<meta property=”og:image” content=”Image URL”>

<meta property=”og:title” content=”Your Title”>

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Some Description”>

This tag and attribute help to more beautiful and effective on social share.

Robots.Txt File:

This is a .txt file which helps the search engine crawler how they crawl it and which page is being blocked. If you don’t want to show a page on Google then you can block it by “Disallow:” You can define sitemap in the file so that crawlers easily parse your sitemap file. It works how a site appears on the search engines.


Sitemap defines the entire discoverable URL in a site. When a search engine bot crawls your website then they firstly crawl your sitemap and discover active link and priority and then they create the result on the search engine.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly Website:

A website that is responsive and mobile-friendly can easily rank on Google, Bing and another search engine. The great thing is that if a visitor doesn’t feel comfortable using your website, you are sure to lose your visitor. And 70-80% of the visitor came from mobile so make sure that your site is mobile friendly and easy to navigate. You can use Google Mobile-Friendly test for testing if your site is mobile friendly.

AMP Site:

Accelerated Mobile Page which speeds up a website when it is visited by a mobile. It loads 75% faster than a regular page. So people engage with your website.

Off-Page Seo Metrics:

You may understand from the name Off-Page Seo work outside of your site. Somewhere it is called Off-Site SEO. These types of SEO create trustworthiness to your site to different Search Engines. Like BACKLINK creating, GUEST posting, COMMENTING URL to any blog post social media posting and sharing your site.

BACKLINK: A question came to your mind that what is backlink? A backlink is a referring link to your site from another site. Like here I put a link to www.google.com. Here’s the link go to that website from this website and it is called backlink. For more about to learn backlink, you need to read the next thing

  • In Bound Link: In-Bound link is a link that creates my websites link in another website and it makes the visitor to my website from their website. It is a backlink for me from their website
  • Out Bound Link or External Link: If I place a URL of another website into my website then it will be out the bound link and it is a backlink for them created by me.

You can also create backlinks by own-self like creating a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more sites with your website URL. This will rank higher your site into a search engine.


This way doesn’t help you in SEO but it helps to gain more visitors.


You may understand it by the word GUEST POSTING. Just post some of your content or about content in the forum site. It will help to earn more visitors.

Social Posting:

Social posting is a great way to get more visitors and engage them. Please remember to add a share option on your site.

 I had tried to brief the basics of SEO. So first do the ON-PAGE SEO then go for OFF-PAGE-SEO.


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