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Basic Plugin You need to install in your WordPress site

Nowadays WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. All over 66% of all websites run on WordPress CMS. So As a beginner in WordPress site then you need to understand something like the plugin, themes, etc.

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What are the plugin and themes?

If I compare a website with a mobile devices then the design, wallpaper is like as theme. That means themes beatify or arrange a site.

And all the apps of a device are comparable with plugin. It enables different features. Like if you want to read a PDF file then you install PDF reader like Adobe Reader or PDF Reader. As if your website needs to add feature like chatting or commenting then you can install Disqus or other plugin that give you the environment to chat or enable comment feature.

The Plugin You Need to install

AntiSpam Akismat

It is an anti-spam plugin that protect your site from spam comment. Like if anyone comments to your site “it is plagiarized content .bla .bla” then this plugin will automatically mark that comment as spam.

Yoast Seo

It is a Seo plugin that gives you the environment to create your site most Seo friendly. You can add the keyword, descriptions for every page and comment. It will also automatically create a sitemap file. You can SEO you’re every pros and cons of any post by this plugin.

Monster Insights

 It is a Google Analytics plugin that will show the reports of every analytics of your site including real-time visitor, visitor activity, page session, etc. But for this plugin, you need to add Google analytics code in your site for tracking

Contact Form 7

Contact form is the most important thing in your site. Any visitor can contact with you by your email address. There are many contact form plugin. But I’ll suggest you to add contact form 7in your site. it is really simple plugin to build contact form. This will also create a short code. Just paste the short code where you want to place the contact form


Mailchimp is a plugin that integrate email address to your mailchimp account. It collects email address from subscriber and automatically add it to subscribe list

Updraft plus

You need backup plugin for your wordpress site .updraft+ will back up your full wordpress site like plugin, themes, post, page etc. You can manually or automatically backup your site and this will store in their site. But you can store it in drive, drop box.

W3 Total Cache

It is a caching plugin that enable you to handle your website cache file. Like which page will cache for how many time etc.

Insert Header and footer

Sometimes you may need to add some code on head tag. These code can be analytics code, ad code etc. You can add this code in theme editor but it is not the safest way.  So you need a plugin for insert code on header and footer


Smush easier your work of image optimization. This plugin can save 10% of image file that helps you to load your web page faster.

Google Xml Sitemap

All the websites have a sitemap file. In wordpress you need to install Google sitemap plugin. It will automatically create sitemap.xml file for your wordpress

Child theme Generator

This plugin will create a parent theme of main theme. We all always customize a theme to beautify our site. But when we update our theme these customization will be deleted. But if you create a Child theme then all customized file will stored in that child theme. Now you can easily update your theme  without tension.



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