All things that need to know before creating website

Today I’ll guide about what to know before creating a website. Before creating a website you must read a aricle about website guide.Someone create a website as his hobby or maybe for earning money. This guide has a brief description of earning from a website. Before creating a website you need to know what a website is and how a website performs before a user .This article will fully describe “All the things need to know before creating website”This will guide you to creating website.

A website is combined with some webpage. A question can be in your mind that what webpage is. I’ll answer this, a webpage is a page which is displayed to a website user with full of text, images or videos. As an example like a book, If I think that a book is a website then every page of that book is webpage and many more webpages build a website.

There are two types of websites and they are

1. Static Website :

One can understand from the name “static” that means this type of website written in a static language and this type of website is not editable from the Admin Panel. For change any word of that type of website he needs to access the source code. And all the webpage remain the same as you saw a year ago. This type of website made with only HTML.

2. Dynamic Website :

Dynamics stands for changable. That means Admin can change the content of the homepage dynamically. And regularly it is changing. As an example of how you see the homepage a day ago is always different from, now. Newspaper website, Social-media website is Dynamic Website. A dynamic Website is written in a dynamic language like PHP, ASP.NET, etc.

Now come to the main concepts of creating a website. There are many paths open to create a website. You can create a website by writing code my own or if you don’t have more time to learn a language then you can create by free cms.

Cms stands for content management system. This gives us the free environment to write a blog without programming and without any knowledge of programming. There are many free CMS like WORDPRESS, BLOGSPOTS.

Language for website

Or want to create website own then you may need to learn different type of language like HTML, CSS, JS for the static site and PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET for Dynamic website

HTML [Hyper Text Markup Language]:

HTML is not a programming language it is a markup language. This language is written for creating the basic structure of a website. Its only creates the structure that’s why it is only markup language. Every type of website needs this language to create the structure.

CSS [Cascading Style Sheet]:

CSS used to beautify the webpage and without CSS it is impossible to create a beautiful and responsive website.

JS [Java Script]:

JS is written for Dynamic a website. By writing this language a developer can make a dynamic website.

PHP [Hyper Text Pre-Processor]:

PHP is a programming language, by which we can create a great dynamic website. Most of the website in WWW is written in PHP. It collects data and shows the result dynamically in front of the user. My website is also created by PHP.


MYSQL is a data management system which stores the websites data and managed by PHP.

Shortly I can compare HTML, CSS, JS with a building. As HTML create the Structure of a building, CSS beautify the building and JS help to run the lift.

HTML is not too hard to learn. You may need a few months to learn it fully. I’ll refer you to learn HTML, CSS, JS from .I’ve also learned from there. You can also download some E-Book from a different source. It will improve your experience. After learning those you may go to the second part.

** [Or if you don’t have any interest to learn it then you can go for WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, BLOGSPOT for free. You don’t need any programming experience. Just go to the next section. The tutorial to create a website with WordPress or Blogger] **

The second most important thing is choosing your website’s topic or niche. There are many topics or niches open to you but I’ll say that choosing a niche is not easy and suggest you choose what type of niche by which you can write and interested in. Cause one cannot write anything against his passion. So listen to your mind. Build your website on your computer. If you want to use PHP, MYSQL then downloads XAMPP or WAMP and set up the environment for Localhost.

Draft your design and make it by coding with HTML, CSS, and JS, etc.

Buying Domian Name

Thirdly you need a domain name for your website. A domain name is a name which identifies your blogs. Choose the domain name according to your chosen niche. Cause if your domain name doesn’t match with your niche or topic then visitor won’t trust your blog. You can buy a domain name in only 9$ for.COM extension . and for practicing you can get free domain just for 1 year from

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Hosting buying

Now the most important thing is to buy a hosting package. For this, I suggest you research before buying a hosting package. And buy Package from a popular provider like GODADDY, FREENOM, etc.

Another important thing is that don’t buy too much space from hosting provider. Just calculate how much space you need. For a blog Website, you may need 500MB to 1000MB package. Now it’s time for publishing your website. Go to your C-panel and link to file manager then paste your file of website. And now your website is available in the World Wide Web. You can also host your website free on

Search your domain name by Google and Bing see your result will appear if not use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster to index your site. Learn SEO [Search Engine Optimization] which help you to engage the visitor in your site.



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