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About 1g,2g,3g,4g and 5g

1g,2g,3g,4g,5g we all are all familiar with these generation. Its specify the mobile features like mobile data speed, features etc.. So we need to know about 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g

At first we need to know about what is ”G”. G stand for the GENERATION OF WIRELESS TELEPHONE TECHNOLOGY. So G is the version of wireless telephone device. At first 1G was created then accordingly we got 2G,3G and 4G in hand.

About 1G:

1G defines the First generation of telephone technology. The main different between 1G and 2G is fist one use analog signal and the second one use the digital signal.

  • It uses the analog signal as a radio signal.
  • The frequency of this signal is too low.
  • It uses semi-conductor and micro-processor.
  • Roaming is not available in this generation

About 2G:

2G is the second generation of telephone technology. This network uses the digital signal for sending or receiving a phone call. And it is more secure than the previous generation. It came with more features like a phone call, roaming, text message (SMS), picture message and MMS. 2G has also two different versions of its own 2.5G (GPRS) and 2.75G (EDGE)

  • It uses the digital signal.
  • Text Message feature.
  • The high-speed frequency for sharing signal.
  • High-speed data transfer.
  • GPRS enables up to 50kb/s and GPRS enable up to 1 MB/s for data transfer.

About 3G:

3G is the third generation of telephone technology. It enables devices can use different more feature like video calling, mobile TV. The most important thing is that it gives us the environment to use the internet on a device with more speed.

  • It uses GSM, EDGE, CDMA and UMTS standard.
  • SMS, Video Call, Voice Call, and Internet browsing feature is added.
  • Anyone can use international roaming.
  • The voice and Data transferred via digital signal.
  • Can use WI-FI, WI-MAX and WAP protocols.

About 4G:

4G is the same like before, the fourth generation of telephone technology. It enables a mobile for enabling mobile ultra-broadband internet. It has more features and more data transfer limit. We can see 3d television by 4G.

  • Highest data transfer rate is 100mbps.
  • It has 50 times more speed than 3g.
  • Can see 2d television, video conferencing high definition (HD)

About 5G:

The word 5G stands for the fifth generation of telephone technology and the latest version of telephone technology. It can transfer up to 20gbps.

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