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11 way to stay safe on internet

Staying safe on the internet is not too easy.You must be safe while browsing internet.Today. my sub is 11 way to stay safe on internet.

We all know about the internet. It is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol. So every computer connected on the internet is connected by all. In 2012 the number of internet user was 3.89 billion and in 2016 it stands at 4.83 billion and it will be 5.69 billion in 2020. And now we have 654 million websites in www {World Wide Web}.

11 way to stay safe on internet

But the entire website may not be safe for us or not suitable for us. And it is really hard to stay safe on internet.We search on the internet for all days to a major problem in our life. And get the result from different website. All kind of websites tries to give more information to the user to engage us on their website. But there is some website on the internet which gives us some wrong information and some show some explicated result that you can’t saw with your family or children and it is not safe for us. And some website uses our information and sells them at a good price that we don’t know.

A. Password:

password is the key to your account that could be social or bank account. So everyone tries to secure their password there are many ways to secure your password and hide it from all.

  •  Use a strong password but make it easy to remember.
  • Use number, upper case and lower case letter, a special character in your password.
  • And don’t note your password anywhere.
  • Don’t use the same password everywhere. Make a different password for a different site.
  • Don’t log in to your any type of account with your friend or family member’s mobile phone. And if you logged in then log out immediately.

Don’t miss Top Hacked Password On internet and  don’t use them as your password if you want to stay safe on internet


Http means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and “S” stand for SECURE. Every website has automatically use HTTP but when making their site secure it transferred into HTTPS. That means this website is secure to browse. You can easily find this on the URL bar and before WWW. If you don’t see HTTPS then don’t give any information to that site.

C. Email Sign-up:

Many of the websites have started email marketing to engage a visitor. They ask your Email address to sign up. I’ll say that if that website is too popular website then you can sign up. Or if the website popular please don’t sign up in their form. Because they store your email and they sell the email address in the dark web per email 10 to 15 dollar. And another thing is that read their terms & Condition and Privacy & Policy before sign up.

D. Security & Free WIFI:

Everybody wants to use free WIFI in streets or restaurants. But many of us don’t know about is using free WIFI secure? I’ll say no because of if you browse something on WIFI a hacker can easily track your browsing history and mobile phone and if you log in in that area that means you are giving your password to a hacker. So stay away from using free WIFI.

E. Don’t Agree With Tracker:

Do not open your location while browsing on the internet. Sometimes a few websites ask you that they want to track your location. There are two option – ALLOW or BLOCK. You should tap the BLOCK.

F. Turn off Website Notification:

Some website wants to show notification in your mobile device and doesn’t allow it to show a notification.

G. Safe Your Contact:

A few numbers of social media website want to access your phone contact. Don’t allow it to access contact number and some application also wants to access your phone contact so don’t install that app in your phone.

H.Spam Email:

sometimes many types of messages came to your email account or in Gmail which is stored on the spam folder. Because these emails have some links that are not real or affiliate message and don’t click to link on spam email.and don’t seeing any spam message is the best way to stay safe on the internet

I. Phishing Site:

Many of us don’t know about the phishing site. A phishing site is a site which fully looks like another site. Generally, a phishing site is made by hacker for steal your info like username, email, and password. As an example a phishing site of Facebook. When a hacker made a page of phishing site then they made the login page fully like Facebook’s login page. When you enter the username and password in the phishing site then it automatically sends your password and other information to the hacker. To avoid this you need to see the URL of that page where you are logged in if the URL matches with your desired page then log in.

J. Safe Search Settings:

You can also enable Safe Seach Settings into your search engine settings or by a browser. This will filter your search and show you the best result.

K. Online Shopping:

Nowadays we feel comfortable to buy anything on the internet. But how much it is safe? It may be safe but it is not safe while you are using another mobile phone or Computer and in the Free Wi-Fi zone area.

If You can follow these” 11 way to stay safe on internet ” then you will always canbe safe

Be safe on the internet.



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